Saturday, April 17, 2021

Customize And Change Your Windows 8 Lock Screen With LockPic

If you love to customize your machine then here is a free to use app to customize your Windows 8 Lock Screen.

Take Backup Or Restore Your Android Device Without Rooting

If you wanna take full backup of your Android phone then you have to root it or have root access, but if you dont wanna tweak with your phone then here is a simple way.

Create Shortcuts For Windows 8 Metro Apps

Windows 8 comes with lots of build-in Metro Apps, but there is no option to create shortcuts for them, if you wanna create their shortcuts so that you can access theme without going to Start screen thene here you go.

Get Tab Feature On Windows Explorer

If you work on lots of tab at a same time and want browsers like tab feature in your Windows Explorer then you can use TabExplorer.

Convert Image to Icon With x2ico

If you wanna make your very own icons so that you can customize the look of your Windows then you can use X2Ico an freeware tool to convert images to Icon

Generate Hash Code With Easy Hash

Many times you need to verify Hash Code of downloaded files so that you can verify that file that you had downloaded is not corrupted or nor edited by any third person.

Access Files Or Folder Using Mouse Middle Click With AnyMenu

Windows Right click gives you some good options so that you can perform certain task quickly, now you can have your mouse middle click working too so that you access your favorite shortcuts.

Download And Convert HD Videos With MultiLoader

If you love to watch online videos want them to download or convert them so that you can enjoy them over your different devices then here is a nice tool.

Download Videos From TED

If you use to watch videos on TED.Com then you must sometime wants to download those videos, Now here is an nice and portable tool to download videos from TED.Com

Create Run Command Shortcuts With Win + R Alias Manager

Win + R is an nice tool which allows you to create your own Run command shortcuts or Alias which are quite helpful to launch application quickly


MicroMax A110 Superfone Canvas 2 Up For Pre-Order, Priced Rs. 11,999

Micromax has launched A110 Superfone Canvas 2 and its avavilable for Pre-Order, if you pre-order it now then you will get a chance to meet and attend Enrique Iglesias concert in India.