Wednesday, December 12, 2018

BackUp And Restore Opera Data With STU’s Opera Setting

Many times we need to make a backup of all settings, session, history, typed URL and so on. Opera link allows you to backup many things on cloud but if you wanna full backup then this tool is for you.

Unlock Locked Files And Folders In Windows With File Governor

If you frequently get access denied message while deleting or renaming files or folder in Windows, Unlock it first, File Governor can help you to do so.

Make Any Text To Follow Your Cursor

Ever want that your cursor is followed by some text message? Well ToolTip Mouse is a portable application made by Prisoner7 @DA. This app make any text to follow your cursor.All you...

Download Portable Version Of Microsoft Fix It

Microsoft Fix It is a nice tool which allows you to automatically apply best solution for your Windows, Now you can get portable version of it too.

View Facebook Images stored in Your Browser Cache With FBCacheView

It happens many times that we try to find an image on our Facebook account which we had seen few days before, if too trying to find such image then FBCacheView...

“Aero Glass MP3 Player” Portable Aero Media Player For Windows 7

If you are an Aero Glass lover then here is an Portable Aero Glass MP3 Player which gives you full aero effect.

Close All Your Open Windows With One Click

Are you ever in a position of that you had open 10-15 windows in your screen and someone calls you or you need to go somewhere and then you need to...

Cleanup All Leftover Attachment By Outlook

Most of us use Outlook to access our emails without opening inbox in browser, it save time and at the same time you can access lots of email account. But...

Monitor Folder Or Disk For Any Modification With FolderChangesView

Many times we need to monitor the changes or modification made in a particular folder or drive, Here is a simple and free utility to monitor all such changes.

Change Your DNS Server On Fly Using “DNS JUMPER”

Dns server palys a very important role in the speed of internet.You may use fastest DNS server for speedup internet.Their are so many DNS servers which aid you speedup internet connection. But...


Opera 12 aka Wahoo Build 1380 Released

Opera team has released another snapshot of their upcoming version of Opera 12, It uses DirectX backend. Most users on Vista and Windows 7 will by default use this backend instead of the OpenGL backend for performance and stability reasons.