We had already posted a tutorial on how you can make your own Run Command shortcut, actually run command is a very useful tool as it allows you to quickly access or launch some important apps in Windows like MS Paint, Registry Notepad and so on.

If you are looking for a simple tool which can create run command shortcuts for you then you can use Wi + R Alias Manager, its an portable tool which is quite easy to use and simple. Just download and launch the app, on the main screen it provides the option to add a new Alias or Shortcut :-


Once you click on it, you will find a new dialog box which ask you the name of Alias, it can be any alphabet or number and dot but cant be any special symbol, Then you need to specify the exe file path of that file.


You can also drag and drop exe file on it to create a Alias, you can use following shortcuts to work faster :-

Insert – add new alias.
Delete – delete the selected alias.
Alt+E – edit alias.
Alt+B – browse for executable file.
Alt+R – run the selected alias.

As this is an portable app it wont required any installation and it work with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 too, Both 32 Bit and 64 Bit versions are supported.



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