Earlier we had shared an article which allows you to take screenshot of your Windows 8 Login Screen, but developer has soon removed that tool from his account and its now no longer available for download. In recent days we had seen that lots of readers are coming to our website and visiting that article, as that tool is no longer available so readers must not getting solution for their problem.

We at TechnoArea do track readers moment and try to find out whether our readers having any problem, as that tool is not working any more, we are here with another tool which helps you to capture. This tool was developed by our friend TheWindowsClub.

This is a quite old tool and I was having doubt regarding its working, so I had downloaded it and was testing it on my Windows 8.1, initially I was not successful and I try to figure out what was the problem with tool, soon I discover that you had to take owner ship of Utilman.exe which can be found in C: -> Windows -> System32.

To take ownership you can use either a registry method or a simple one is using a freeware app Take Control.

Once you had taken ownership, download this screen capture tool from below link and extract it, its a portable application and hence doesn’t require any installation, just run EOAR Setup with Administration privilege, just install it and you are done, it will automatically make system restore point of necessary file so that if anything goes bad you can revert back.


Now press Win Key + L to lock your system and once you are on login screen press ease of Access button, you will find multiple of options there, one of them will be to capture screen, once you click on it your screenshot will be saved on C:\Screenshots.


This tool has following options :-

  • Logon Screen Screenshot: Take a screenshot of the Logon Screen. Logon Screenshots are saved to C:\Screenshots.
  • Lock Screen Screenshot: Take a screenshot of the Lock Screen. Lock Screen Screenshots are saved to C:\Screenshots.
  • CMD Prompt: Opens a Command Prompt.
  • Powershell: Opens a Powershell Prompt.
  • Registry Editor: Opens the Registry Editor.
  • Run Dialog: Opens the Run Dialog.
  • Task Manager: Opens the Task Manager.

This tool work fine with Windows 7 & Windows 8 on both 32 Bit and 64 Bit. To restore back, again run this tool and uninstall it and you are done.



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