Rooter; An App Connecting Sports Fans For Live Match Engagement

Almost all of us love to watch sports game and most of you must be following each and every detail of those games, there are tons of apps which let you stay...

Keettoo Android Keyboard; A Money Paying Keyboard Review

Most of us use our smartphone mostly for connecting with our friends or known one, and one thing which we do mostly on our device is typing, whether it on Facebook,...

Xender Announced New Version For Better User Experience

XENDER, a file transfer and sharing application, has announced the launch of its new version – with comprehensive functions and better user experience. XENDER has maintained a leading position as the...

Cortana; The Thing I Loved On Windows Phone

No doubt, market share of Windows Phone is going down with every day passed, some time back there was news that soon developers won't be investing their time for making Windows...

Helpchat Review; Could Be A Swiss Knife For Your Apps

Nowadays we use our smartphone for every second task, no matter what task you have to do, all we do is pick our smartphone, yes no matter if you need to...
GD Club App

GreenDust Club App Review

GreenDust is a well-known brand when it comes to selling refurbished or factory second products in India, we had purchased a couple of products from GreenDust and found them to be good...
Shimply App

Shimply, A Virtual Trail Room Android App Review

Online shopping is surely booming in India, with just a few mouse click or by few taps on your smartphone, you can buy the stuff which you want to buy, there...

Udio Mobile Wallet Review

We can see there is a rapid growth in mobile-based payment, even most of the online websites now accept these payments methods, and not only websites but most of the consumers...
Hike EID Stickers

Hike Introduced EID Special Stickers

One of the most important festival of the year is just around the corner, EID and on this occasion different companies are launching special packages for their users, and Hike Messenger...

Helpchat Now Available On The Go, Android And iOS App Launched

Do you ever feel need of someone's assistant in your next purchase, or you need assistant in your day to day work?, yes obviously you can always ask your friends for...