Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Quick Crypt Can Create Self-Expiring Encrypted Files

Encrypting files is not a new things, you might be encrypting your documents before sharing them with friends so that it can reach safe hands without being disclosed. There are lots...

Minimize Any Window To System Tray With “TrayIt”

TrayIt is a very useful app for windows users as it will minimize almost all running Windows to your system tray. TrayIt! allows to save precious Taskbar space for minimized...

Create Run Command Shortcuts With Win + R Alias Manager

Win + R is an nice tool which allows you to create your own Run command shortcuts or Alias which are quite helpful to launch application quickly

Improve Windows Lock Screen Functionality With WinLockr

Most of you know that you can lock your computer either by pressing Windows Key + L or through Start Menu and then your system will be locked and if you...

Quickly Turn Off Or On Your Internet Connection

If you want to turn off your internet connection for a limited time and turn it on quickly then here is freeware app.

Stop Applications From Auto Pinning To Start Screen In Windows 8

If you install any app on Windows 8 then it will auto pin its shortcuts to Start Screen of it, here is a cool app which will disable this feature.

Change The Number Of Rows In Windows 8 Start Screen

By default Windows 8 doesnt allows you to customize the number of apps and rows on your Start Screen, but now using this simple app you can do this.

Capture Screenshot Of Windows 8 Lock And Logon Screen

Earlier we had shared an article which allows you to take screenshot of your Windows 8 Login Screen, but developer has soon removed that tool from his account and its now...

Create Folders By Just Dragging And Dropping

If you are using Windows from a long time then you had seen lots of changes in it, but one functionality remained same from Windows 98 to Windows 7 or Windows...

“FileTypesMan” A File Types Manager for Windows

FileTypesMan is an alternative to the 'File Types' tab in the 'Folder Options' of Windows. It displays the list of all file extensions and types registered on your computer. For each...


CES 2015: Ford Announces 25 Global Experiments, India Also On The...

In the ongoing CES 2015, one of the top automobile maker, Ford has highlighted how it is using their innovation not only to create advanced...