Thursday, January 21, 2021

“Rufus” Free Utility To Create Bootable USB

Free, Portable and Fast utility to make USB drive Bootable, Now install Windows, Linux/Unix Or other OS install from your USB drive.

Customize And Change Your Windows 8 Lock Screen With LockPic

If you love to customize your machine then here is a free to use app to customize your Windows 8 Lock Screen.

Change Drive Icon In Windows 7

We had shared many themes and icon set for Windows 7 which allows you to customize the look and feel of your Windows 7 machine. If you ever feel to change the...

Change The Number Of Rows In Windows 8 Start Screen

By default Windows 8 doesnt allows you to customize the number of apps and rows on your Start Screen, but now using this simple app you can do this.

Get Tab Feature On Windows Explorer

If you work on lots of tab at a same time and want browsers like tab feature in your Windows Explorer then you can use TabExplorer.

Get Windows 8 Like WinX Menu In Windows XP, Windows Vista And Windows 7

Now get Windows 8 like WinX menu on your Windows 7, Windows Vista Or Windows XP machine by just using a simple portable utility.

Make Windows Vista And Windows 7 Logon Screen Transparent

Sometime we are not using our computer but also don’t wanna shut down it due to some reason, like sometime I like to enjoy videos on computer by locking it so...

Lock/Log Off/Restart/Shutdown Your Computer After A Fixed Interval

Auto Lock, Log Off, Restart, Shut down your computer after a fixed interval either if computer is in Idle mode or by forced.

Change Start Screen Background Image, Enable Good Old Start Menu And Enable Snap Feature...

As you all knows that Microsoft has already released the Developer Preview of its upcoming OS, Windows 8 for developers, but it can be downloaded by anyone and can test it...

Easily Configure Your Network Setting

Many time we need to tweak or change the network setting of our computer like  IP address, DNS server address and so on, you can do it easily through Windows Control...


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Launched In India

As expected, Samsung has launched its latest generation Note device, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in India. Samsung has originally launched this in a...