Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Launch Multiple Application With Just One Click

Did you ever wanted to launch more then one application with just one click??? We all use more then one application while doing work on PC like me at this time I...

Create Run Command Shortcuts With Win + R Alias Manager

Win + R is an nice tool which allows you to create your own Run command shortcuts or Alias which are quite helpful to launch application quickly

Get Windows 8 Like WinX Menu In Windows XP, Windows Vista And Windows 7

Now get Windows 8 like WinX menu on your Windows 7, Windows Vista Or Windows XP machine by just using a simple portable utility.

Automatically Apply National Geography Photo Of The Day As Desktop Wallpaper

National Geography web site feature a Photo Of The day daily, now using a freeware you can set those photos as your desktop wallpaper automatically

Close All Your Open Windows With One Click

Are you ever in a position of that you had open 10-15 windows in your screen and someone calls you or you need to go somewhere and then you need to...

Make Windows Vista And Windows 7 Logon Screen Transparent

Sometime we are not using our computer but also don’t wanna shut down it due to some reason, like sometime I like to enjoy videos on computer by locking it so...

Access 47 Windows Command From One Place In Windows Vista And 7

Did you recently upgraded yourself to Windows 7 than you might face problem of finding different programs Or you may feel lazy, like me :) to locate different programs from different...

Change the Color Of Back And Forward Button In Windows Explorer

In Windows Vista And in Windows 7 you will find many changes which were made by Microsoft to make them very different from Windows Xp. And one change is that Microsoft has...

Easily Configure Your Network Setting

Many time we need to tweak or change the network setting of our computer like  IP address, DNS server address and so on, you can do it easily through Windows Control...

Activate Hidden Animation Feature In Windows 7 And Windows 8 Explorer

Both Windows 7 and Windows 8 comes with a hidden feature which allows you to get Animated Windows Explorer. Use this simple tool to enable it.


Firefox 4 RC Out, Download

Mozilla has released the first Release candidate version of its upcoming web browser, Firefox 4. This RC version includes all beta features and a few...