Thursday, May 23, 2019

Hide Or Show File Extension Or Hidden Files From System Tray

Windows Allows you to show or hide files and file extension, but some time you might not be able to figure it out ho to do it, here is an free tool which will do this work with few mouse clicks.

Toggle Between Classic Or Metro Start Menu In Windows 8

The most noticeable change is those Live Tile feature on Windows 8 Start Screen, which provide access to some nice apps with just one muse click. But due to some reason some...

Generate Hash Code With Easy Hash

Many times you need to verify Hash Code of downloaded files so that you can verify that file that you had downloaded is not corrupted or nor edited by any third person.

Make Windows Vista And Windows 7 Logon Screen Transparent

Sometime we are not using our computer but also don’t wanna shut down it due to some reason, like sometime I like to enjoy videos on computer by locking it so...

Google Desktop Calendar For Windows

Google is not just a search engine but it also provide wonderful services too, One of its service which attracts lots of users is Google Calendar. Now you can use Google calendar...

Get Old Show Desktop Button Back In Windows 7 Taskbar

Show Desktop button was quite good and useful, but in Windows 7 Microsoft has moved it to the extreme right corner of Windows 7 Taskbar. You may feel difficult or...

Download Your Picasa Albums With Picasa Grabber

Many of you like to upload your photos on cloud, and Picasa is one of the best online photo storage site, you can upload as much as pics which are less...

Change The Number Of Rows In Windows 8 Start Screen

By default Windows 8 doesnt allows you to customize the number of apps and rows on your Start Screen, but now using this simple app you can do this.

Add Watermark On Image Easily With “Image Water Marker”

Many times you share your copyrighted image on Internet with users Or you may send your image via email to friends etc then you must fear that someone else may take...

Lock/Log Off/Restart/Shutdown Your Computer After A Fixed Interval

Auto Lock, Log Off, Restart, Shut down your computer after a fixed interval either if computer is in Idle mode or by forced.


Lenovo Vibe X2, World’s First Layered Phone Launched In India

As expected Lenovo has launched world's first layered smartphone, the Lenovo Vibe X2 in India which was originally launched in IFA Berlin, Vibe X2...