Saturday, December 7, 2019

Safely Remove, Uninstall Or Delete Windows 8 From Dual Boot

If you had installed your Windows 8 copy on dual boot system, then here is a safe and easy method to delete or uninstall Windows 8 from dual boot.

Windows Not Allowing To Extend Partition Size

You can create, delete, shrink or extend your disk without installing any softwares in Windows, but sometime Windows wont let you extend your disk, know why and how to solve it.

How To Encrypt Your Data Without Using Any Software

If you want to protect your data on computer by encrypting it but dont wanna install any new software then you can do this by using Windows in-built feature.

Get Google Chrome Like Tab In Windows Explorer

If you like Google Chrome interface than here is a freeware that will provide Google Chrome like tab and other feature to your Windows Explorer.

iOS 6 Skin Pack For Windows 7

If you had love the UI or interface of Apple iOS 6 which is in Beta phase and want to feel it on your desktop then you can install this Skin Pack.

London 2012 Olympics Games Screen Savers And Theme

If you are loving London Olympics 2012 and watching it continuously then you can feel it on your desktop too with these screen saver and theme.

Download Trolling Boot Scree For Windows 7

If you wanna use a funny boot screen on your Windows 7 machine then here is an laughing Trolling boot screen for you.

Android Jelly Bean Skin Pack For Windows 7

If you love interface Android Jelly Bean aka 4.1 then you can get that interface on your Windows 7 desktop to with a simple to use skin pack.

Download Windows XP Boot Screen For Windows 7

If you love Windows XP interface and want it on your Windows 7, then you can get Windows XP classic boot screen on your Windows 7

Enable Hidden Administrator Account In Windows 7 And Windows 8

Windows 7 and Windows 8 comes with a hidden Administrator account, you can enable it and use it if you have some work .


Get Windows 8 “Betta Fish” Bootscreen In Windows 7

We had already told you that a new bootscreen is found in the latest Milestone 3 of Windows 8. Bootscreen is very similar to...