Encrypting files is not a new things, you might be encrypting your documents before sharing them with friends so that it can reach safe hands without being disclosed. There are lots of file encrypting apps available on internet some are free and some are paid ones and they offers almost same services and comes with same features.

Quick Crypt is a new encrypting app which offers a little bit more out of the box. It do allows you to make you files encrypted but what extra it offers is that it allows you to make self expiring encrypted files, means if your friend tries to open file after a certain days then file wont be decrypted at all.


When you first launch this app you will find a simple interface, you can either drag or drop files which you want to encrypt or decrypt or else you can use its browser too. Once files are loaded hit Encrypt button to start process, or if you want some additional features then switch to advance tab.


Under advance tab you can :-

  • Set a date for expiry of file,
  • Create a distributable zip file, here Qucik Crypt and encrypted files are added into a zip file for easy decryption,
  • Encrypt file using a system ID unique to the PC, here encrypted file is assigned a unique ID which is of system, means if you try to decrypt files on other computer then it will through error even if password is correct.

In our test all features worked very fine. You can save your configuration profile so that you can use them later too in some other documents.

Features :-

  • AES 256-bit file encryption
  • Store password hint, file owner, and file comment in the encrypted file.
  • View encrypted file properties in the Encryption Properties Viewer
  • Store encryption properties in profiles for easy retrieval
  • Set encrypted file to expire after a certain number of days
  • Encrypt file with a unique System ID. Attempting to decrypt the file on another computer will result in an invalid password
  • File verification check ensures file was not modified after it was encrypted
  • File eraser – erase files up to 40x. Erased files cannot be recovered by analyzing the hard drive.
  • Small file size
  • Portable application, no installation required



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