Most of us use to download software’s or apps from internet like you might be downloading a small portable file or downloading a big ISO image, most web sites provide Hash codes of that files, Hash Codes are unique an each and every file has it own Hash Codes.

So if you had downloaded a file from internet and wanna verify whether the downloaded file is fully downloaded or got corrupted while transferring, So in that case you can use an Has generator which will generate has code for you file and then you can verify it with web site.

It can also happen that you are downloading a file from a third party website, so in that case chances are that someone might had edited the file and added some malicious program which can affect your computer, so you can generate and check hash codes with web site to verify the file.

Easy Hash is a portable tool which allows you to generate hash code of any file very easily, it supports more than 180 hash algorithms for both files and messages.


You can verify hash using SFV, MD5 and SHA1, it can also compares two directories in order to find duplicates files in it. As its an portable tool you don’t need to install it just extract it and run it from you pc, USB or CD/DVD too.

Feature :-

  • Supports more than 180 hash algorithms
  • Supports very large files (even bigger than 4GB!)
  • Exports generated hashes to CSV (Comma Separated Values), HTML, SFV (Simple File Verification MD5 and SHA1
  • Verifies files using SFV, MD5 and SHA1
  • Cracks CRC-32
  • Compares two directories in order to find duplicates
  • Interface in Polish and English
  • Optional file association with .sfv, .md5 and .sha1
  • Can install itself in: Total Commander, Unreal Commander, Free Commander



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