PkPDFConverter is a free and very useful application which allows you to convert PDF files into Text, Images Or In Html files.

It also let you to extract Images from PDF files.It is a portable application means you dont need to install it.

pfPdfConverter is a software to convert PDF files into simple text or image files
It use XPdf tools in a user friendly graphical user interface.

Features available are:-

  • PdfToTxt: extract text from pdf file saving it on plain text file. Text layout is maintained but. Text formatting (page width,  bolds,  italics, ecc..) will be loosed.
  • PdfToImage: convert pdf pages to image files, each page become an image file.
  • PdfImages: extract all image from pdf. Each image inside pdf document become an image file.
  • PdfToHtml:  As is for PdfToTxt but try to keep text formatting using html format as output

You may use following link to download it :-

Download PkPDFConverter


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