Taking backup is always a nice option as if you lose your data then you can restore it from your backup, but generally if you want to take backup of your Android mobile phone then have to root it, means you need to have root access of your device.

But now here is a simple tool, Ultimate Backup Tool, developed by XDA member, this tool allows you to take full backup of your Android phone without rooting it. It’s a very small tool and even it wont required installation as it’s a portable tool. This tool comes with multiple backup options.

To take backup you need to connect your phone, make sure you had enabled USB Debugging Mode in your phone, Now launch the .bat file on your pc and then select the appropriate option.


Once you select any option you will see backup option on your phone too, enter a backup password and continue, It will take some time and will save your Backup file in C:

This tool works on any Android phone running ICS aka 4.0 or higher, We had tested it on HTC One X and on HTC FLYER and it worked very fine.


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