In Windows right click context menu is an very important menu option for Windows users as it provide access to many important options, this context menu changes as your clicking style, like if you click on Desktop then you get option to Refresh, Screen Resolution, Gadgets and much more, on the other hand if you click on a image file then you get option to Open, Edit, Print and so on.

But many times Windows users want something more, they need quickly access to their favorite programs or files, what if your mouse middle click can work?

Well AnyMenu allows you to add Shortcuts to your mouse middle click, and when you click your mouse middle button or scroll then you will have access to this menu.


You can add your favorite Folders or Files shortcuts to it, Just enter to its setting and then select a Menu, enter name of your shortcut and then select the shortcut, it could be file or directory.


It also allows you to create Submenus, so that you can arrange various shortcuts in a well manner and have quick access to them.


Once you add submenu it will instantly appear :-


Overall its an nice tool to create shortcuts, Its an portable tool so you don’t need to install it. You can download it via below link :-



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