Saturday, April 17, 2021

Copy/Move Same Extension Files In Batch With File Fisher

Many times we need to copy or move files from one location to other location but if file is big then it would be a pain as Windows default copying and...

Create free Animations With GiftedMotion

Creating animation is not an easy task, and if you want to create animation from your existing images then trust me you wont find it too easy. Earlier we had shared...

Analyze PC Issues With Webroot System Analyzer

Many times we run into some of pc issue like its not responding properly, crashing on regular interval or it has become very slow. You might not notice many issue unless you...

Improve Windows Lock Screen Functionality With WinLockr

Most of you know that you can lock your computer either by pressing Windows Key + L or through Start Menu and then your system will be locked and if you...

Backup Windows 8 Apps Data

By default Windows 8 wont allows you to take backup of Windows Store apps, here is a workaround.

Stop Applications From Auto Pinning To Start Screen In Windows 8

If you install any app on Windows 8 then it will auto pin its shortcuts to Start Screen of it, here is a cool app which will disable this feature.

Quickly Turn Off Or On Your Internet Connection

If you want to turn off your internet connection for a limited time and turn it on quickly then here is freeware app.

Change The Number Of Rows In Windows 8 Start Screen

By default Windows 8 doesnt allows you to customize the number of apps and rows on your Start Screen, but now using this simple app you can do this.

Pin Any File Or Folder To Windows 8 Start Screen

Many time we need to pin some file or folder in your Windows 8 Start Screen but Windows 8 default option doesn't allows you to do this, but here is freeware tool to do this.

Create Your Custom Start Screen Option In Windows 8

Here is a nice freeware portable tool which allows you to create your own custom Start Screen Tiles option.


Xolo Q1020 Announced; 5-inch Display, 13MP Camera And Wooden Frame

Xolo has announced a new smartphone on its Facebook page under its Q series, the Xolo Q1020 which is priced Rs. 11,499/- and at...