Microsoft has added lots of stuffs in Windows 8 but still one thing which many users wants is Tabbed feature. many times we need to open lots of explorer and then they will occupy all your screen and it become very hard to work on it.

TabExplorer is an freeware app which allows you to add Tab feature in your Windows Explorer. Its an portable tool so you don’t have to install it. It runs on background and can start with logon too.


Once you run it you will be able to open lots tabs in just one explorer. You can Rename, Open Clone Tab, Close current tab or close all tabs. It works on all OS ahead of Windows 2000 till Windows 7.


Features :-

  • Add Tabs to Windows Explorer
  • Auto Run when system startup
  • Portable Mode
  • Lifetime upgrade for free
  • No Adware/Spyware/Virus guarantee
  • Simple and streamlined user interface.
  • Win7 Integration.



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