Nowadays we almost fully dependent on our smartphones, with these little computers which are in our pocket we could do almost any task like checking mails, documents, surfing internet and so on.

Text messaging is one of the popular method of getting connected with your friends, and there is no surprise that many of us are looking for free alternatives of it.

If you too looking for best apps fro your smartphones which can provide free text messaging then here are top 3 ones :-


I think when any one says free messaging then first name which comes to our mind is WhatsApp. It has lots of users across the world who used to send and receive message on daily basis.

Its UI is very simple to and it automatically detects your friends who are using it according to your contact list so you don’t have to add contacts to your WhatsApp list.

You can also send images and videos through WhatsApp. Its available for almost all platform like Nokia S40, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, and BlackBerry.


Viber is yet another free app which not only lets you send and receive text message and send image and video but it also allows you to make free calls to your Viber friends.

One thing which like about Viber is that it doesn’t eat much of your phone’s battery and memory. Its available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Nokia, BlackBerry and Bada.


This is one of the most used app of Android and now available for other platforms too. It allows you to send message, images, videos and make calls. It also lets you make group calls to your friends so that you all can have a discussion at the same time.

Its available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Samsung Apps Store.


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