Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Change Background Image Or Color Of Windows 8 Start Or Logon Screen

Recently Microsoft has released the developer preview of Windows 8, its free and anyone can download it and test it his system, as it’s a pre release so it may come...

Close All Your Open Windows With One Click

Are you ever in a position of that you had open 10-15 windows in your screen and someone calls you or you need to go somewhere and then you need to...

Cleanup All Leftover Attachment By Outlook

Most of us use Outlook to access our emails without opening inbox in browser, it save time and at the same time you can access lots of email account. But...

Monitor Folder Or Disk For Any Modification With FolderChangesView

Many times we need to monitor the changes or modification made in a particular folder or drive, Here is a simple and free utility to monitor all such changes.

Change Your DNS Server On Fly Using “DNS JUMPER”

Dns server palys a very important role in the speed of internet.You may use fastest DNS server for speedup internet.Their are so many DNS servers which aid you speedup internet connection. But...

Change Drive Icon In Windows 7

We had shared many themes and icon set for Windows 7 which allows you to customize the look and feel of your Windows 7 machine. If you ever feel to change the...

Launch Multiple Application With Just One Click

Did you ever wanted to launch more then one application with just one click??? We all use more then one application while doing work on PC like me at this time I...

Backup And Restore Your Bookmarks

Portable utility to easily backup and restore all your Bookmarks! This utility works with all web browsers.

Create Run Command Shortcuts With Win + R Alias Manager

Win + R is an nice tool which allows you to create your own Run command shortcuts or Alias which are quite helpful to launch application quickly

Auto Save Your Working File By Using “AutoSaver”

It happens that you are working on a file and suddenly Windows Crash Or Hung and cant save your work and you have to restart your PC,In that case you lose...


Download And Try MS Office 2013 Customer Preview, Download Link Inside

Microsoft has released Consumer Preview or Beta version of Office 2013, if you wanna try it out and look for changes then you can download and install it on Windows 7 or higher.