Friday, May 14, 2021

Auto Save Your Working File By Using “AutoSaver”

It happens that you are working on a file and suddenly Windows Crash Or Hung and cant save your work and you have to restart your PC,In that case you lose...

Texturize Your Taskbar With “Taskbar Texturizer”

Taskbar Texturizer is a free and portable utility which will and lots of textures on your Windows Taskbar which will makes your taskbar nice and it looks good. This utility was created...

Silent Install Helper Let To Install Multiple Softwares Automatically

Once you install or setup your Operating System the next step is to install your favorite software’s or drivers so that your system can work properly and you can do your...

Edit Or Modify Registry More Efficiently With Registry Commander

Many times we need modify or edit or registry entries, as this is not recommended because your system might stop working if you did anything wrong in it. But on the...

Analyze PC Issues With Webroot System Analyzer

Many times we run into some of pc issue like its not responding properly, crashing on regular interval or it has become very slow. You might not notice many issue unless you...

Improve Windows Lock Screen Functionality With WinLockr

Most of you know that you can lock your computer either by pressing Windows Key + L or through Start Menu and then your system will be locked and if you...

Create Your Custom Start Screen Option In Windows 8

Here is a nice freeware portable tool which allows you to create your own custom Start Screen Tiles option.

Generate Hash Code With Easy Hash

Many times you need to verify Hash Code of downloaded files so that you can verify that file that you had downloaded is not corrupted or nor edited by any third person.

Create Run Command Shortcuts With Win + R Alias Manager

Win + R is an nice tool which allows you to create your own Run command shortcuts or Alias which are quite helpful to launch application quickly

Get Windows 8 Like Userpic On Taskbar In Windows 7

Some time back we had reported that Windows 8 will feature user pic on the end of your taskbar. As Windows 8 will take some to reach our hands but if you...


Yu Yureka S With Full HD Display Secretly Launched Online

It seems Micromax sister company, Yu is not yet done with their smartphone business, after the big blunder with Yutopia which was repeated with...