Recently I am testing something on my test computer but before starting my work I decided to make a backup, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox are very good in making back and Sync your data, Opera too sync your settings, Bookmarks, History and so on.

But Opera link cant Sync your email accounts which you had added to it, I had around 8-9 Email accounts associated with it, I don’t wanna lose all of them and add those accounts again on another Opera by providing Email Address, Password, Server and so on.

STU’s Opera Setting is an simple tool which makes a backup of your Opera data and it also allows you to import those settings and data to your Opera too.

Its an portable tool so you don’t need to install it, Just download and run exe file and then you will be asked whether you wanna Import Settings or Export them.


Just click on Next button and then you have to select the Path of your Opera directory where it saves all data, if no such path is listed there then find the directory by typing opera:about on your Opera and look under Directory section.


Now once you click on Next button you will be asked which thing you wanna include on your backup, just check the items to be included and then click on Next.


It will ask a path to save your document just provide that path and save it. When you wanna restore your data just select Import on first screen.



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