Did you ever wanted to launch more then one application with just one click???

We all use more then one application while doing work on PC like me at this time I am writing this on windows live writer and listening music on Winamp also and also chatting with my Yahoo buddies on yahoo messenger.

When i start my pc first of all i launch Safari then Winamp the Windows Live Writer and some more applications, but the problem is that for each application i have to goto Start and the launch them from there.

But Lacuna Launcher is a free application which do your work easy,It will all your application with just one click which you have selected.

All you need to do is just download this portable application from belows link,After downloading extract it,You will get two files ll.exe and list.txt files.

Now to select which application will start you have to open list.txt file provide the path of the application which you wanna launch see belows screenshot:-

Here i had decided to launch Notepad, Safari, Winamp and Yahoo Messenger,Now save it and when you wanna launch them just double click on ll.exe and all your programs will come up.

Refer Readme file for more assistance

Download Lacuna Launcher


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