Friday, May 14, 2021

Monitor Folder Or Disk For Any Modification With FolderChangesView

Many times we need to monitor the changes or modification made in a particular folder or drive, Here is a simple and free utility to monitor all such changes.

Now Email Files From Your Context Menu

Do you email files to a particular email address very often? If yes then you must first open your Email Client like Thunderbird Or Outlook and then attach file and send. Is it...

Automatically Apply National Geography Photo Of The Day As Desktop Wallpaper

National Geography web site feature a Photo Of The day daily, now using a freeware you can set those photos as your desktop wallpaper automatically

Minimize Windows Live Messenger To System Tray

Latest version of Windows Live Messenger wont allows you to Minimize it to your system tray, here is a simple work around to do this.

Close All Your Open Windows With One Click

Are you ever in a position of that you had open 10-15 windows in your screen and someone calls you or you need to go somewhere and then you need to...

Download Portable Version Of Google Chrome

Download Your favorite web browser, Google Chrome as a portable app and carry it in your USB drive anywhere and use it freely.

“XLaunchpad” OSX Like Launchpad for Windows

Get Mac OS X Like Launchpad on your Windows computer by using Xlaunchpad, an free and portable tool.

“Rufus” Free Utility To Create Bootable USB

Free, Portable and Fast utility to make USB drive Bootable, Now install Windows, Linux/Unix Or other OS install from your USB drive.

“Take Control” A Simple Tool To Take Ownership Of System Files

If you are editing any of your system files or you gonna replace your existing system files, you can use our simple registry trick to add Take Ownership option to your...

Backup And Restore Your Bookmarks

Portable utility to easily backup and restore all your Bookmarks! This utility works with all web browsers.


How To Add Bing Map In Windows Live Writer

Some time when you posting any article need to mention the location Or place so that reader may understand more effectively. Bing maps are quite...

Apple Siri Speaking HINDI