Recently we had shared Bing tool which allows you to set the Bing homepage image as your desktop background, now its time for National Geography’s Photo of the Day, if you are not aware then let me tell you that National Geography web site features a new image every day and its called Photo Of The Day, you can access it from Here.

You can visit the site and manually download the wallpaper and then apply it as your desktop wallpaper or you can use National Geographic – Photo of the day wallpaper changer, an portable tool to automatically download and apply Photo of the day as your desktop wallpaper.


You just need to download and start it, it will sit on your system tray and then it will automatically download the wallpaper and applies it, you can use its interface to see previous days photos and you can download them or apply your desktop wallpaper too.


You can also use the advanced archiving options to archive images between any (currently available between 1st Jan 2009 and Today) given dates.



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