Many times we need to lock our computer or laptop so that no one other can misuse it in the absence of us, for it we can lock our computer by just pressing Windows Key + L on our keyboard.

But not all times we remember it to do and leave our computer ideal and others can use it in our absence. Auto-Lock is a portable freeware tool which allows you to auto lock your computer after a fixed interval.


When you launch it, you will get a easy to use interface, you will get two option when you need to Lock, Idle Or Forced, after selecting any of it you need to input the time interval after which you need to lock down your computer.

You can Log Off, Restart, or even Shut Down your computer, It also allows you to Mute your system audio when your computer is locked.

The great thing is that when you minimize Auto Lock, it will hide itself in your Notification Area or System Tray so that others will not be able to know its running. To bring it back click on its icon.

It is tested on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 Consumer Preview and its working very fine.



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