Many times we need modify or edit or registry entries, as this is not recommended because your system might stop working if you did anything wrong in it. But on the other hand you will get more if you modify it.

Windows default registry editor is good and provide almost everything which you needs to edit registries, but a new freeware Registry Commander gives you some more features and allows you to control and manipulate keys more efficiently.


Registry Commander allows you to bookmark keys so that if you make changes in a key then navigate to it later if you need to look into it or wanna change it.

Registry Commander shows registries in a folder form not in showing keys in pane side, which give better visual effect.

Features :-

  • Copy or Rename/Move entire keys and values from one key to another.
  • Cut or Copy keys and values from one place and paste them into another.
  • A column that displays the size in bytes of a value’s data.
  • Supports all 12 data types, defined in the “winnt.h” header file. Most other registry editors only handles Strings, Binary, DWord, Expanded Strings and sometimes also MultiString.
  • Allows you to bookmark keys or values so you can access them more quickly. Comments can be associated with each bookmark.
  • Search part of or the entire registry database, not only can you search by a keyword, but you can also search by size or data type.
  • Change a value’s data type. I.e. you can change a string into a binary value, without changing the content of the data.
  • Ability to interpret one value for another, without modifying the data. This would allow you to view a string saved as a binary value or vice versa.
  • With the reg:// protocol, you can create links to a specific key in the registry, it works the same way as http:// does.
  • History list allows a quick jump from current key to a previously key



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