Thursday, January 21, 2021
Internet Compression

What And How Much Data Compression Popular Mobile Browser Provides

In the era of mobile technology where most of the time we use to stick to our smartphone for accessing social media accounts, sending messages or for sharing data like documents,...

How To Create A Torrent File?

We all are well aware of Torrents,It is used to share large files over the world.It is also called BitTorrent.Torrent file is just of few KiloBytes but it contains large file...

Dropbox Enabled 2 Step Verification

Dropbox has added an extra level of security for its user by enabling 2 Step Verification, which allows you to enter 6 digit code rather then just of password.

Watch Highlights Of ICC World Cup 2011 On YouTube

Recently I had told you how can you watch live ICC World Cup match’s on your pc, Now some guys ask me that they had missed some matches or part of...
3G Modem Connect Android

[How To] Connect Any 3G Modem To Any Android Device

If you have a 3G Data Card or Modem then you can connect it to your Android device and use internet on android device via it.

[How To] Install Google Play Services On Huawei Mate 30 Pro

No doubt, when last month Huawei has took the wrap from its latest flagship smartphone, the Huawei Mate 30 Pro, everyone was surprised as it has the perfect combination of design...

Block Zorpia Spam “This is pretty interesting/ I love this, how about you?” From...

Nowadays there are lots of Social Networking sites out there in which you can stay connected with your friends and keep updated about them, Now what happens when you join those sites...

Display A Fake Warning Message

Wanna play a prank with your friends by scaring them huh ? Then why not display a fake warning message on their computer. Well the message will look like this :- How’s it?...

Disable CAPS LOCK Key Permanently

Well tell me How many times you accidently turned of CAPS LOCK key and then wrote a paragraph Or you were login in to your Bank Account Or some other and...

Best 5 FREE ! Alternatives Of Adobe Photoshop

Adobe photo is a very fine and useful photo editing tool made by Adobe,Almost every photo developer use Photoshop, it has many useful effects, brushes and many other things which allows...


TuneUp Utility 2012 [Detailed Review]

TuneUp Utility is one of the best optimizer tool for windows out there, it optimizes the performance of your Windows computer and fixes the...