Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Trace Any Website Using CMD

There are many tricks and softwares from which you can trace any website but today I am going to tell you a very simple and easy to use trick which doesn't...

What New Features Are Added in Android 3.0 aka Honeycomb

We had already told you that Google’s mobile OS, Android 3.0 Is Purely Build For Tablet’s, Now Google has revealed this OS features which we are going to share with you. System...

Record Your Skype Video Calls

By default Skype wont allows you to record video calls but here is a freeware which let you record video calls,

Use Facebook And Twitter On Secure Connection By Using HTTPS

Facebook and Twitter both are most using social networking sites millions of users login to their account on daily basis, if any threat is speared  over them then it will affect...

Flickr Instant Search

We had already told you about Google Instant Search which proved search instantly according to your keywords entered. Instant Search can be useful if you are in hurry and looking for fast...

How To Add Home Button In Opera 12 Pre Alpha

Yesterday we had told you that Opera team has released Pre Alpha version of Opera 12 aka Wahoo. As I am testing this version one thing I find missing is...
Internet Compression

What And How Much Data Compression Popular Mobile Browser Provides

In the era of mobile technology where most of the time we use to stick to our smartphone for accessing social media accounts, sending messages or for sharing data like documents,...
Call Of Duty Mobile

[How To] Download And Install Call Of Duty Mobile On Your Android Devices

Last year have seen a wave of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds aka PUBG, a multiplayer online multiplayer battle royal game, and in no time PUBG become very much popular, and company behind this...

Open Any Page In Text Mode [Chrome]

Many times we need to open some pages which contains lots of banners, images as ads, it not only took lots of time to open due to the source of that...

Drag And Drop Files Or Folder To Command Line To Get Full Path

Yesterday night I was installing some patches and apps on my machine, in one step I was required to navigate to a certain folder via command line, typing full path of...


LG G Pro Lite Dual SIM Phone Officially Launched In India

Finally today LG has officially launched its LG G Pro Lite smartphone in India which is already available on eCommerce website from few days...