Saturday, May 30, 2020

Hide Any Of Your Drive (Via Command Prompt)

Many times we want to hide any of our whole drive as due to the privacy of content in it, here is a simple way to hide it very easily.

Get Old Classic Picture Viewer In Facebook (For IE, Chrome And Firefox)

Facebook has recently started rolling out new kind of picture viewer which open any picture which you click on the same same page and once you done with viewing or commenting...

How To Put Tabs on Separate Row In IE9

Recently Microsoft has launched Internet Explorer 9 to public, If you had downloaded it and installed it the you must notice that it provides Address Bar and tabs on the same...

Change Windows Media Player 12 Background Image In Windows 7

Windows 7 comes with new Windows Media Player, Windows Media player 12, WMP12 has many new features and a new look which seems greate in Windows 7. Do You know that WMP12...

Host Your Domain’s Mail On Outlook

As Google allows you to host your domains email on Google Apps, Similarly Outlook is also allowing you to host your domain mails on it for free and it has some edge over Google.
PayTM Bank Details

PayTM Payments Bank Now Offer Physical Debit Card

Last year PayTM, probably the most used e-Wallet in India has started it's online banking service. Earlier this service was in invite-only phase but later it was opened for all and...

How To Block Sites On Your Computer

Do you use your computer with others? Do you have PC in home where your children's also use same PC? Well in that case you may want to block some websites which...

Post Tweets More Than 140 Words By Slicing Them Into Multiple Tweets

Almost all of us use Twitter,Its users are increasing day by day.Its concept is very good in which you have only 140 words to say anything. But many time we...

Check How Much Space Is Used By Different App In Windows 8

If you are running out of space on Windows 8 machine then most chances are that you had installed apps and they are taking space, here is the way to know which app is taking how much space.

Create Office Document Online And Share It With All

Suppose you are in a trip and suddenly your boss rings and ask you to make PowerPoint presentation and you find that your laptop don’t have MS Office Suite. Or you wanna...


Best 5 FREE ! Alternatives Of Adobe Photoshop

Adobe photo is a very fine and useful photo editing tool made by Adobe,Almost every photo developer use Photoshop, it has many useful effects,...