If you had installed Windows 8 as dual boot with Windows 7 on your computer and if you use Windows 8 and then boot Windows 7 back then you might find that Windows will check your disk for any error. It will scan and check all of your disks one by one.

Cause :-

Actually Windows 8 is designed to boot fast and shut down faster too by using Hybrid Boot, but actually When you shut down Windows 8 it keep your Windows 8 disk mounted and does not shut down disks. And when you boot into Windows 7 then you will see that it is checking disk for error.

Solution :-

You can make Windows 8 not to use Hybrid Shut Down, for this follow these steps :-

  • Open your Control Panel and then go to Power Option,
  • Then on left side click on option saying Choose what the Power buttons do,


  • Now on next screen click on Change settings that are currently unavailable,


  • Now you just uncheck the option which says Turn On Fast Startup, that’s it, you are done.