Saturday, May 15, 2021

What’s New In Firefox 4.0 ?

Firefox 4.0 is out and many of you had downloaded it and using it, even you may be using Firefox 4.0 to read this post too. I too downloaded it and using...

[How To] Get WhatsApp Push To Talk Instantly

WhatsApp has started rolling out new feature Push To Talk which allows you to send voice messages to your friends along with text and images. As this is in rolled out phase...

Test Your Anti-Virus/Spyware/Firewall

Almost all of us use Anti-Virus, Spywares and Firewall in our pc to stay protected.As there are lots of Anti-Virus, Spywares and Firewall programs are out there like KasperSky, Bitdefender, Nod...

How To Disable Google Buzz From Gmail

I don’t know about you but if you personally ask me so would say that I love Google Buzz,but there are some things which Google need to fix or update in...

Open Any Page In Text Mode [Chrome]

Many times we need to open some pages which contains lots of banners, images as ads, it not only took lots of time to open due to the source of that...

How To Send Files To SkyDrive Folder From Send To Context Menu

If you use SkyDrive frequently to back up your files and folder then you might want to send files on SkyDrive folder quickly, here is a siple way.

Allow Google Chrome To Download PDF File Instead Of Opening It In Browser

If you click on any PDF file link then Google Chrome will open it in itself rather then downloading it, Here is a work around which allows you to download PDF files


InFocus M535 With Full Metal Body Launched At Rs. 9,999; Specs...

InFocus has spent a good time in Indian market and they had launched couple of affordable devices in India and LTE enabled devices like...