Well we had already told you that Google Docs Is A One Of The Best Replacement For Ms Office,But the thing about Google Docs users doesnt like is that you have to open your browser for ever work like uploading Or Downloading.

iGoSyncDocs allows you to download, Upload, Rename and Delete documents.It is a Java based application means you dont have to install it just download the Jar file and launch it.You may create New Document, Spreadsheet Or Presentations.

It offers an easy way to access and synchronize files to Google Docs across multiple computers.

Features Of iGoSyncDocs:-

  • Access GoogleDocs Services from desktop application,
  • Download or upload document via GoogleDocs Services,
  • Share Document with friends,google groups,
  • Multi-platform support,
  • Allows you to Create New¬†Document, Spreadsheet Or Presentations

You may use following link to download it:-

Download iGoSyncDocs