If you are using Windows 8 Consumer Preview which is released by Microsoft recently then you must know that they had added Ribbon UI in Explorer too, which was earlier seen in MS Office.

But some of the guys are not liking it and if you too not liking it then here is simple trick shared by Vishal which allows you to get your old Windows Explorer and then get following explorer.


To disable do this :-

  • Open following directory by typing in run command :-


  • Now you need to take ownership of UIRibbon.dll file by using any of 2 method :-

“Take Control” A Simple Tool To Take Ownership Of System Files

Take Ownership Of Any File From Context Menu In Windows Vista And Window 7

  • Now rename UIRibbon.dll as UIRibbon.dll_bak,


  • Now restart your computer and you will get old Windows Explorer.

P.S. As I had tested it on my machine, after applying this trick my MS Paint was not working.


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