We all use Facebook regularly to get in touch with our friends or family members.Facebook chat is a nice way to talk with friends as with this you can send instant messages to them.

But many time it happens that you don’t want to chat with some specific friends and wanna go offline to them.

So here is nice way to go offline for some specific friends.

  • Goto Facebook and login,
  • Now click on the Chat box at the bottom right side of the screen and then click on Friend list and the you will see a option to create a new Friend list just provide any name,

Create Friends List In Facebook

  • Now Once the list is created again click on Chat Box and then hover your mouse to the list name and you will see a link to Edit,


  • Now a pop-up window comes, just select the friends to whom you wanna go offline and then save it,
  • Once you list is created click on Chat box and become offline to that list,


  • That’s it, Now you are offline to all those friends who are in that list.


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