Windows 7 had a new and sleek Control Panel which has few new option to help you to customize your Windows.

But do you know that Windows 7’s control panel has some hidden option which it hides from your access?????

Today we will tell you what are they an how can you get them visible.

First see the 2 screenshot belows,the first one is of normal control panel which all of you got in your system and second one is that which you will get after this tutorial (click image for bigger preview):-

So here we go:-

  • Open Registry Editor by typing regedit in your run command,
  • Now navigate to

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionControl Paneldon’t load

  • Now in the right hand pane you will see many .CPL entries,
  • Now if you are a Windows Vista User then simply just delete whole don’t load key,But if you are a Windows 7 user and delete don’t load key then you will get some double entries in you Control Panel like 2 Internet Option, 2 Region and Language Option etc.
  • So dont delete whole key just delete belows mention entries:-


  • But in Windows 7 by default you will not be able to delete these keys and you will need to get Permission to delete them, for this read our article on Getting Permission and Delete Registry Keys
  • If you deleted above mention entries then you will get all your hidden Options in Control Panel.

If something went wrong and your are getting double entries in Control Panel, Or you wanna roll back to default state then just Download RAR file from belows link and install key.