Do you use your computer with others? Do you have PC in home where your children’s also use same PC?

Well in that case you may want to block some websites which may not be suitable or you don’t want to be opened by others or may harm your PC.

So if you also wanna block certain sites then you can use your HOST file found in your SYSTEM32 folder.

Ok here we go :-

  • Open any text editor like Notepad, As Administrator, I am using Notepad++,
  • Now navigate to %windir%System32driversetc and drag and drop your Host file into text editor,
  • Your default host file may look like this :-


  • Now if you wanna from your site then at the end of file put :-

  • Repeat this step and type all websites url which you wanna block like :-


  • That’s web sites will be blocked after a restart
  • Enjoy.


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