Google has provided an nice service which allows you to host your companies mails, calendar, blogs and all other Google services under Google Apps. It an free service and you can have host your very easily on Google’s server.

Microsoft has recently launched Outlook.Com an new designed email service. Now to give competition to Google Microsoft also allowing to host your emails on Outlook. So now you will host on Microsoft server and will get Outlook Metro design on your mail.

Why Should I Switch To Outlook From Google?

Well the question is good and its answer is :-

  • Outlook has a nice Metro design which is far good than Google,
  • Outlook Offers you unlimited storage which is 10 GB in Google Case,
  • Google allows you to create upto 10 Users in Free Edition, but Outlook allows 500 users.

How To Setup My Domain For Outlook

  • Visit Domain.Live.Com and click on Get Started option under Custom Domains section,
  • On next page you have to enter your domain address and make sure you had selected option saying Set up Windows Live Hotmail for my domainas we have to host our mails,Live_Domain_Setup-1
  • On Next screen it will ask you to assign a administrator for your Live Account, you can use an existing Live account or create a new account on your domain like, if you select to create new account then you will be taken to a page where you can create new Live ID for your Domain,Live_Domain_Setup-2
  • Once you had selected Admin for your account click on I Accept button to accept there terms,
  • Then on next page you will get your settings which you have to configure on your domain, you have to add DNS to your domain, mainly you have to add 2 following DNS (others are optional) :-

    MX Record to handle your Mail and it will be like :-

    TXT record to allow other mail servers to trust email originating from your domain.

    v=spf1 ~all

  • Open your Domain Registrar page and add these record in it,
  • Wait for about an hour as internet may take sometime to change your DNS,
  • In the mean while you can check whether your setting has been done or not by typing following commands on your CMD

    nslookup -type=mx

    nslookup -type=txt

  • If you see hotmail address in value then congrats your DNS has been changed, now go to Live Domain page and refresh it, now will see that your domain has been verified now you can create a new user like which will be powered by Outlook.


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