Recently Google has taken down its free edition of Google Apps service which allows you to serve your company email on Google’s powerful server and get

Google has served a free edition of Google Apps for nearly 6 years but recently they had decided to close down free edition and now you can only get business edition by paying $5/year/user. If you are an existing user of Google Apps Standard edition then this change wont affect you.

But our friend Amit has found a way to get Standard Edition or free edition of Google Apps and signup for it. This is an official method and to get a free Google Apps account all you need is a Google Account.

  • Visit Google’s AppEngine, login with your Google Account,
  • On the next page it will ask you to create a new application, just click on Create Application button,
  • Now provide any identifier and title to your application and at last agree to Google’s terms and condition,
  • Now on next screen click on Dashboard link to goto your Dashboard,
  • Now scroll down and click on Application setting and on next page again scroll down and under Domain Setup click on Add Domain,
  • Now that’s it, on the next screen you will see a link which ask you to signup for free edition of Google Apps Standard Edition.

For more information take a look at the video below :-


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