Online shopping is surely booming in India, with just a few mouse click or by few taps on your smartphone, you can buy the stuff which you want to buy, there are many online shopping portals like Flipkart, Amazon, eBay, Snapdeal and much more which offers the wide range of products to you. These websites not only offers a great range of products but they offer them at very affordable price.

But when it comes to clothing or jewelry, we all prefer to buy them from our local shops, the reason is simple, before making a buy we want to make sure it will look good on us which is not possible on online shopping portals.

Here is a simple app, Shimply which is available for Android and what it provide is surely going to change the way you shop online. At first sight, Shimply looks like any other shopping app which has the wide range of products listed on it, but what makes it different from other apps is its virtual trail room feature, we will talk about it soon.

UI of Shimply:-

This app is available on Google Play Store for free, you can visit the store and install it, installation is straight forward and once install you will be asked to signup for the first time.

Once you launch the app, you will find all section like Men, Women, Home Design and all, it’s good as all sections are there in front of you, but sometimes it looks unorganized and company should have worked more on it UI.Shimply AppOnce you tap on any of the section, you will be greeted with products, again I would say UI could be better here, you can sort products according to New to Old, High Priced to Low Price and so on. Another good thing is that company has nicely categorized and sub-categorized products which allow you to find them easily.

Virtual Trail Room:-

Now here comes the most talking point of the app, as of now I haven’t seen this kind of virtual trail room in any of the shopping app available. What this app does is, it allows you to virtually try the product, say shirt on yourself before making a purchase, this will give you an idea how the product will look on you.

Shimply App Virtual Trail Room

Using this feature is very simple, you just need to upload your image, either select from gallery or use camera to click an image and upload, don’t worry you image won’t goes anywhere, and once you upload your image, you can select the product which you want to purchase and put it on your image.

The app allows you to adjust product on yourself by zooming in or out of the image, you can move the image so that you will get a better idea about it and how it’s going to look on you.

Not only this, you can upload an image of your room and select a Chair or Sofa to find out how it is going to look in your room. Using virtual trail room is fun and something new which I surely enjoyed, it surely gives an idea how that particular shirt, earring, bangle or so will look and feel on you.

Trail And Refer Offer:-

When you join Shimply, you will a credit of Rs. 51 in your account, and if you open the app every day then you will get Re. 1 every day, which means Re 1 for the opening of the app for the day, and if you refer app to your friend and he/she joined Shimply, then you will get Rs. 25 as credit.

Final Words:-

This app do looks very interesting and simple to use, it offers wide range of products, and the price of these products are also good, but the downside here is that you have to pay a shipping charge of Rs. 60 on almost every product, and again UI could be better.

Other than this, app is nice, its virtual trail room is surely nice feature which I would say you to try it out and you will find it would be fun and nice experience for you.


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