Most of us use our smartphone mostly for connecting with our friends or known one, and one thing which we do mostly on our device is typing, whether it on Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter, most of the time we type and type to share whatever we want, which means the mobile keyboard app which is install on our smartphone is one of the main apps and most of the things which we do on our smartphone depends on it.

There are tons of keyboard app which you can download and install like Google Keyboard, Swift Keyboard and much more, but have you thought what if there is a keyboard which can give you money for using, for chatting with your friends.


Keettoo is an android keyboard app which light and easy to use, recently I thought to try this app and see whether they are doing what they said or not.

Installation was pretty easy, just download and install it, once installed, you need to make an account on it and grant some permission, and once you did with it, you are ready to use it and earn money, yes at least this is what company claims.

While you chat with anyone, it shows some ads on top of your keyboard, what we liked here is it shows ads simple way and does not distract you from what you are doing. And when you are not chatting with anyone, it shows ads in the way of push notifications, again in a simple way.


And when you see these ads, you will earn money which you can later redeem that money either via Mobikwik or PayTM.

What I liked on this app :-

This is a simple and easy to use the app, it does show ads through you can earn money, but those ads are shown in no destructive way.

Another thing which I liked is that it learns from your chat and it only shows ads which are useful for you and interested for you.

What I didn’t like On this app :-

As there are tons of keyboard app available online which offer lots of customization for you, but Keettoo does not come with any theme or customization support, another missing feature in this app is swipe to type, as most of the app support this so that you can type faster, but Keetto does not have this feature.

Should I Use This App :-

Well this totally depends on you, if you can watch ads for couple minutes and want to earn reward for that, then you can install and use this app, but it surely misses some basic customization functions which hopefully company will add in coming updates.


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