Wednesday, June 3, 2020

HDDExpert Monitors Your Hard Disks Or SSD Health And Performance

No doubt Hard Disks are one of the main components of your computer as they hold all of your data, if your hard drive crashes then it could be end of...

Find Duplicate Images With Similar Image Finder

Having duplicate or similar contents on your computer is not good as it occupies extra space and sometime increase your search results when you perform search to find any of it. Its...

Delete All Files And Folders Permanently From Hard Disk

Let me ask you a simple question, How You Permanently Delete Any File Or Folder From Your Computer? I know almost all of you would say that first delete it and then...

Avira Release Protection Cloud Beta

Day by day companies are starting using cloud protection, now Avira has step in and they has released the Beta version of there Could Protection tool

MailPile An Open Source, Private And Local eMail Service

Few days back when a report came in front that US agency PRISM has access to all eMail account on Gmail, Yahoo and so on, and they are spying, logging into...

Cortana; The Thing I Loved On Windows Phone

No doubt, market share of Windows Phone is going down with every day passed, some time back there was news that soon developers won't be investing their time for making Windows...
Stellar Data Recovery Options

Recover Your Lost Data In Few Clicks With Stellar Data Recovery

Nowadays we all are living in digital world, and almost all of your data like your precious images or important documents and all are either on your computer of on your...

Mozilla Thunderbird 11.0 Released

Mozilla team has updated their popular open source email client and released Mozilla Thunderbird 11.0
Clean Master For PC

Clean And Optimize Windows PC With Clean Master

If you are using or used Android smartphone then you must have used or at least heard about an app, Clean Master which clean your Android smartphone by removing all junk...

Encrypt Your Files For Free

Encrypt Or Decrypt your personal or imaportant files to protect them from getting in wrong hands and having missuse of them


Toolbox For Windows 8 Allows You To Use Multiple Apps In...

if you use to work on multiple apps at the same time then here is a freeware tool which will increase your productivity.