Monday, January 20, 2020

MP3Tag Allows You To Edit Metadata And Tags Of Audio Files

Many times we download some songs from Internet or you might receive a audio from your friend and those songs have some missing metadata and tags like improper title, missing thumbnails...
Sony PlayMemories Home Installation Fail

Sony PlayMemories Home Full Offline Installer

Recently my dad was asking for a camera, I have a DSLR but it is too techy for him to use so I thought of buying a point and shoot camera...
LAN Speed Test

Test Your Local Area Network Speed with LAN Speed Test

Many times we usually test our internet speed to check whether we are getting appropriate speed or not, for this you can download and use several freeware's or to make it...
Windows Phone Easy Transfer

Transfer Files Between Windows Phone And PC Over WiFi

Mobile devices has made our life much easier, we can use them as phone and due to advancement in technology you can now listen music or use camera of your smartphone...
Aoao Video Watermark Pro

[TechnoArea Giveaway] Aoao Video Watermark Pro

If you use to record videos a lot and share them online then you must have a fear on your mind, what if anyone use your video without your permission, is...
Clean Master For PC

Clean And Optimize Windows PC With Clean Master

If you are using or used Android smartphone then you must have used or at least heard about an app, Clean Master which clean your Android smartphone by removing all junk...

Truecaller Brings Live Caller ID To Windows Phone

Truecaller is one of the most widely used contact management app across all smartphone's, on Android when you receive a call from number which is not there in your contact list...
Apple Pay

Apple Pay launching On 20 October For iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

Now soon you will be able to store all you credit card information and details inside a passbook and will be able to make payment using a NFC chip and TouchID...
Android Lollipop

Android 5 aka Lollipop Announced, Here Are Its All Features

Back in Google I/O, Google has announced preview version of upcoming Android OS which they had called Android L, now today as expected Google has announced Android 5 Lollipop which comes...

NewsHunt Review; Easy To Use Newspaper App

Many of us first search for a newspaper in morning so that we can grab and find out what is going on around the world, what latest has happened in our...