GreenDust is a well-known brand when it comes to selling refurbished or factory second products in India, we had purchased a couple of products from GreenDust and found them to be good enough for the price which you pay for them. You can easily visit their website and search for what you are looking for and there you will find all information about the device like warranty, features, price and all.

GD Club App

Recently GreenDust has come up with a new app, GD Club app for its users which basically updates you with latest offers which company is having for its users. Recently I decided to test this app and see how it performs.

Download And Installation :-

There is no extra step require here, it’s just like any other app which you install on your device, just download it from the store and it will be available to you in a matter of seconds.

UI Of GreenDust Club App :-

UI is pretty much simple, there is nothing much to talk about UI here, as soon as you launch the app you will see top ten offers for you which you can navigate by swiping left or right.

On the product page you will see some description about the product and price along with some other details, but what we found here is that you will get only one image of the product which is very basic one and by that one image you won’t be able to make an idea about the product.

GreeDust Club App

If you want to search more or anything extra then you won’t be able to do as there is no option to do so, which means this app only allows you to see ten best offers which company is having at this time for you.

We purchased an item from this app, and it was a smooth experience, and we didn’t face any issue in this process. You will be able to track your package within the app so that you will keep yourself updated.

So if you want to get stay updated with some latest offers from GreenDust then you should try this app, however for me, I would expect some more features from the company like some more details about the product to be included in next version.

Final Verdict :-

If you want to keep yourself updated with some hot offers with a simple to use UI then you should try this app, everything of this app works smoothly and you can purchase things in few minutes over this app.


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