Nowadays we use our smartphone for every second task, no matter what task you have to do, all we do is pick our smartphone, yes no matter if you need to do online shopping, book a cab, recharge your device or anything else. There are several apps which you can install on your device and you will be able to book a cab, buy a dress for party or order food, and all these things can be done by few taps.

But to do so, you have to install so many apps, an app for cabs, an app for shopping, an app for food ordering and lots more, which means you have to install so many apps on your phone and sometimes it become difficult to search for the correct app.

What if you can do all these tasks from a single app, Helpchat is a free app which is available on Android and iOS platform which fulfill your apps need, from this one app you can book Ola or Uber cab, Order Food using Zomato or do online shopping.

Download and Installation :-

Nothing fancy here, just visit your app store, search for Helpchat, download and install this free app on your device, and once it’s install, launch it and signup for new account.

App UI :-

Once you launch this app, you will find three tab layer design, and you have Home, Explore, and Chat tabs. One thing which you will find here is that it will auto detect your location, this is done so that it will show nearby services options to you.

On Home tab, you will find news and services in which you will be interested like weather forecast, sports news, tops trending news and some more, you can customize it according to your needs and interest.


Now the Explore tab is one through which you can get your things done, like you can book cab, order food and so on, another thing which you will see here is that you also will be able to find out some coupons and discount which are being offered by different service providers, like yesterday there were some offer on McDonald.

There are 12 types of services available here like Recharge, Deals, Shoppings, Order Food, Household, Beauty and so on. If you tap on any of these services then either you can directly get your things done like you can recharge your DTH, phone or so on, or the best thing about this app, you can ask Helpchat representative to do it on your behalf.


Like if I need to book a spa, then I can just ask Helpchat representative to book a spa near to my location for particular date and time, isn’t that simple?

If you need more then you can also book a plumber, electrician, a carpenter or get your home appliances repaired, or even book a movie ticket for tonight show.

The last tab is your chat tab, which shows you all chats which you had done with Helpchat representatives

Final Verdict :-

Well surely at first glance this app seems very useful as you can do so many tasks from a single app, and that’s what this app is meant for. No matter what is the time, you can ask for help on this app 24×7 and this is the main talking point of this app.


In our usage, we were able to book a Spa, a carpenter and arrange pest control as well, and all this was done without any issue, we got discounts while booking cabs (which is like a life-saving at this time when Odd-Even is going on in Delhi). Company is adding more and more services to its list which makes this app very useful.

However many times we found that app crashes which means we have to start all over again, and there are some instances where you won’t be able to use your Helpchat cash like while ordering food.

Overall this app can be your personal assistance which does things for you, and if you don’t want to mess with so many apps then you should try this app.


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