When it comes to staying updated with all latest happening of your favorite sports or staying updated with your team scores then you will find bunch of apps which can do this for you, but if you are a die-hard sports fan then you will surely want something more from your app, and if you too want an app which can do something more for you then you should try an app, Rooter, which not only keeps you updated with scores, it is way more than it.


This free app is available on both iOS and Android platform, which means no matter which device you have, you can download and use this.

Just like any other sports app, Rooter too provides latest scores or news about your favorite game, and above this, it provides a social media like environment for all die-hard sports fan in which you can connect with other sports fans, interact with them, make match predictions and all.


One of the key features of this app is the unique live match prediction game that engages fans during a live match and also connects them with fans in their vicinity.

You can also make predictions before a game starts, let say there is a football match which is going to start in next 1 hour, you can make prediction like who will win match, what will be the final score or which player will score goal, and if your prediction turns to be correct then you will earn coins which you can later redeem as PayTM cash or Amazon gift voucher.

It also creates the opportunity for sports teams, clubs and players across the world to enjoy a higher number of loyalists. Besides the prediction game, users can also discover other fans around, chat either individually or on Live Match Forums during matches, play pre-match quizzes and win prizes every day.

As you know IPL is in full swing here in India, and I tried it during IPL matches and it is fun, you can see what other fans has to say about the team, what they think about players and which is the hot player for today’s game.

UI of this app is pretty simple when you launch this app for the first time, it will ask you about your favorite sports and your favorite teams, and then it will connect you with fans. Recently the company has redesigned UI and made it much cleaner and simple.

This app also lets you get connected with nearby sports fans, you can chat with them and discuss sports or about upcoming matches with them.

Earlier, this app only used to support Football, but it’s nice to see that company has added more sports like cricket, basketball, tennis to it which means more and more sports fan can join and get connected with each other and discuss their favorite match.

And yes, apart from all this you will also get latest scores and news about your favorite games and matches.

If you too love to stay updated with latest happening in sports world then do try this app and share what you have to say about it in the comment section below.


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