No doubt, market share of Windows Phone is going down with every day passed, some time back there was news that soon developers won’t be investing their time for making Windows Phone apps. I had used Windows Phone is some recent time and I can say Microsoft is surely lagging behind in most of the cases but there is one thing which I loved on Windows Phone, the Cortana.


No doubt Microsoft has worked very hard on its digital assistant tool, the Cortana, it is way more personal and it tries to act as an actual human personal assistant. When you start a conversation with Cortana, you will find its answer way more than a digital assistant, in all it is fun to play with it.

Not only this, Cortana can keep track of all you meetings, and can also remind you for the same. In past month there were several launch event, some of them got cancelled or postponed, it was little hard to keep track of them, but Cortana did.

Cortana can also help you with the score of your favourite sports, there is IPL going, and I love cricket, but when you are at a boring event, you wish you know how your favourite team is doing, and for this again I used Cortana and it helped me with that as well.

Another thing which I loved is Microsoft has provided local touch in Cortana as well, if you say Namaste to Cortana, then she will respond you back with Namaste as well, and if you ask her who is Sachin Tendulkar, then her answer would be God Of Cricket.

In total, Cortana can be more than your digital assistant who only reminds you of the meeting, miss calls, and so on.

if you have used Cortana ever, do share your views in the comment section below.


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