Wednesday, July 17, 2019

[How To] Enable Offline Mode In Google Chrome

By default Chrome doesnt support Offline Mode to display pages if you are not connected to internet, but with this little tip you can enable Offline mode.

Google Stable Version Updated To 11.0.696.60

Google team has updated their browser to the stable version 11.0.696.60. Google teams says :- The Beta and Stable channels have been updated to 11.0.696.60 for the Windows platform The following bug was fixed: REGRESSION:...

Watch Hulu And Pandora Contents From Outside US

If you are from Outside US and wants to surf Hulu.Com, Pandora or Netflix then you will get error as these sites are only available for US, but now you can use them from anywhere.
Open Google Drive Files On Desktop App

Now Google Drive Lets You Open File In Desktop App

With the help of this Google Chrome Extension you can open files stored on your Google Drive on your Desktop App without downloading them.

Get Notification Whenever Google Chrome Or Its Extension Updated

get notified whenever Google chrome or its installed extension are updated in real time

Offline Link To Download Google Chrome From Official Website

We all know that Google Chrome is a very nice a and fast web browser. But if you download it from Google Chrome's site,you will get a very small applictaion which is...

[How To] Enable Facebook Video Chat In Mac OS X Lion

As we had already told you that Facebook has launched video chat feature with Skype for its users which allows you to make video calls to your friends from web interface....

Publish WordPress Post From Google Chrome

There is no doubt on that Wordpress is most popular blogging platform out there on internet. Its easy to use and customize too. There are millions of blogs which runs on...

Rotate Webpag In Google Chrome Upside Down using UPSIDE Down extension

Upside down is a Google Chrome extension which rotates the web page Upside Down by using Upside Down Extension.It rotates the web page vertically.So you can play prank on your friends...

Change Font Of Any Website On Chrome

Some time we visit such sites which fonts are unacceptable and it becomes very hard for us to read story of that site due to poor fonts used by webmaster or...


Microsoft Going To Launch Windows Phone 8 In 180 Countries

Microsoft is going to launch WP8 or Windows Phone 8, by the end of this year, they had announced that there will be 180 countries who will support its market place.