Sunday, July 12, 2020

[How To] Turn Off Google Now Notification On Chrome Desktop

Google Now is your personal assistance which gives notification to you, if you had Android smartphone then you must have noticed cards from Google Now regarding weather or sports. If you had...

Open Any Page In Text Mode [Chrome]

Many times we need to open some pages which contains lots of banners, images as ads, it not only took lots of time to open due to the source of that...

Create RSS Feed Of Any Public Google Plus Updates

Till now Google hasnt released any support for RSS Feed of Google Plus profiles but here is a simple way to get those feeds.

Chrome Uses HTML5 As Default On YouTube

We all know that Flash is a popular video player which has been in used from a long period of time, even if you take a look at most of the...

Google Chrome Beta Channel Updated

Google Chrome Beta version has been updated to 11.0.696.48 for Windows, Mac and Chrome Frame and 11.0.696.48 for Linux. This release contains a new version of Adobe Flash which includes a fix...

Pin Any Website To Taskbar, Start Menu And Desktop In Google Chrome

If you want to have quick access to your favorite website the you can create there shortcuts or pin them on your Start Menu, Taskbar or on Desktop.

[How To] Enable Offline Mode In Google Chrome

By default Chrome doesnt support Offline Mode to display pages if you are not connected to internet, but with this little tip you can enable Offline mode.

Google Stable Version Updated To 11.0.696.60

Google team has updated their browser to the stable version 11.0.696.60. Google teams says :- The Beta and Stable channels have been updated to 11.0.696.60 for the Windows platform The following bug was fixed: REGRESSION:...

Watch Hulu And Pandora Contents From Outside US

If you are from Outside US and wants to surf Hulu.Com, Pandora or Netflix then you will get error as these sites are only available for US, but now you can use them from anywhere.
Open Google Drive Files On Desktop App

Now Google Drive Lets You Open File In Desktop App

With the help of this Google Chrome Extension you can open files stored on your Google Drive on your Desktop App without downloading them.


HTC One X9 With Metal Unibody And 13MP Rear Camera Announced

From couple of weeks it was speculated that HTC is planning to launch a new mid-range device and yesterday HTC has teased for a...