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[How To] Turn Off Google Now Notification On Chrome Desktop

Google Now is your personal assistance which gives notification to you, if you had Android smartphone then you must have noticed cards from Google Now regarding weather or sports. If you had...

Get Rid Of Google Chrome Fat Download Bar

Its no doubt that Google Chrome is one of the most widely used web browser out there, it brings lots of features.  In Chrome when you download something it will be...

Upload Web Files To Dropbox By Just A Right Click

Dropbox is a popular cloud service which lets you store your files on the cloud and then same can be sync across multiple devices. Traditionally either you can upload files to...

Force Chorme To Bypass Cache And Load Sites Directly

Every web browser store web cache into your system and it’s a great feature of modern web browser as it seems useless to you but its very useful for back end...

Share Webpage In eMail With Its Preview

Traditionally when we share a webpage with any of our friend in email we use to put just URL and send it, the other person wont be able to identify what...

Create Your Own Custom Web Browser Based On Chromium With MakeMyBrowser

Web browser is one of the most important and basic thing if you need to browse internet on any device. But have you ever wondered to create a custom web browser...

Avoid Saving Images In WebP Format In Google Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome web browser then you might have noticed that by default if you save images from selected websites (mostly Google Product websites) then by default it...

Better Way To Insert Inline Images In Gmail With Iframely

If you use Gmail then you might know that Gmail allows you to preview images or videos from some websites like YouTube, Picasa, Flickr and Yelp. What this means is that...

[How To] Bring Back Google Chrome’s Old New Tab

recently Google has made some changes to its web browser and introduced redesigned new tab in which you will see Google Search along with some thumbnails of most visited pages. If you...

Finds Videos On Wikipedia Articles With WikiTube

Wikipedia is a nice source of information, you can find almost any sort of information over it but its always recommended that you never ever use it as your main source...
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Google search engine


Close All Your Open Windows With One Click

Are you ever in a position of that you had open 10-15 windows in your screen and someone calls you or you need to...