You must be aware of the one of the worlds most popular video game designed by Rovio Mobile, it was initially released fir iOS devices then it landed on Android then on PC and Rovio is developing this game for Windows Phone 7 too.

The game has become popular in very short interval, Now Rivio has launched this game for Google Chrome users, means you can play this game from anywhere without installing any package.

You can play game on Google Chrome browser, all you need to do is rush to Chrome Web App Store and install it from there or you can visit if you are using any non-chrome browser.


We had tested this game on Chrome, Opera, IE and Firefox, and game went smoothly, yes sometimes game responded weirdly but don’t forget its Beta version so it may happen.

This game is available in 2 versions, Standard and HD,It uses WebGL in HD for smooth graphics.

If you don’t know more about the game then see the video below to know why birds are angry with pigs :-

You may download and install this game on Chrome using link below :-

Download Link


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