No doubt that Google Chrome is one of the most widely used web browser on the internet and its pretty much sure that you too might be reading this article on Google Chrome web browser. Recently Google has added a nice and cool option of profile tab at the top right side of the Chrome window, which shows the name of person which Google profile is being loaded or you can say the name of person which account is being used on Google Chrome. Its a good thing but its annoying at the same time for those who are not sharing their machine with anyone and has only one account on Chrome.

Chrome Profile Tab

If you are the only one who uses Chrome on your machine or just want to disable that profile tab then you can do it with a simple trick. To disable this profile tab just launch Chrome, and on new tab type :-


Disable Chrome Profile Tab

Now just disable it and restart your Google Chrome web browser to take effect, one you relaunch your Chrome you will see that profile tab is gone and you have your old Chrome like interface.

If in future you wants to enable that profile tab back then just go back to Chrome Flags and set it to default or enable it.


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