From the launch of Google Chrome which is based on Chromium project, an open source project there are lots of web browsers were released on Chromium like RockMelt but none of them care your privacy on internet.

Now Epic Web Browser was released to protect your privacy, as per Epic Web Browser it protect you from 11 privacy leaks like:-

  • No address bar suggest
  • No URL checks
  • Auto-translate has been removed
  • No URL Tracker
  • Installation ID removed
  • RLZ-Tracking number removed
  • Default Updater removed
  • Installation time stamp removed
  • No alternate error pages
  • No navigation error suggestions
  • No error reporting

While you are using Epic Web browser it will not record any history, caches, passwords, pre-fetches, and so on, its is not the end, when you close it or exit it will automatically deletes visited links, shortcuts, history, download, local storage, apps caches, login data and so on.

By default Epic Browser comes with a great feature which non of other web browser comes with, it allows you to switch to US based proxy with one click which means with one click you will be hiding your own proxy, using US proxy means you can use sites like Hulu.

Epic Web Browser

It also comes with integrated ad blocking and tracker blocking options, it also automatically blocks third party cookies, and automatically uses https versions of websites if they provided.

It will activate proxy on Google so that your IP address will be protected and what is interesting is that it will not send any header to website while using search engine so that third party websites do not know which search term you had used.

There are some downside too like you cant use any extension, spell checking, auto-translation or session restore.

You are allowed to make search only through, as per developers it generate revenue for them which helps to run project.



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