If you had ever used Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome then you might have noticed that by default Google Chrome doesn’t offer offline mode whereas the same is offered by IE and Mozilla Firefox. If you try to open a webpage while you are offline in Google Chrome then you will get a error page showing Tyrannosaurus rex (or T-rex) dinosaur stating “Unable to Connect To The Internet.


Actually when you visit a page, your browser downloads files from page server like CSS, JS, Images and saves them in your systems cache and if your web browser offers Offline Mode then you could see that page even if you are offline and dont have access to internet.


By default Google Chrome doesn’t offers Offline Mode but you could enable the same, for that open new tab in your Google Chrome and type chrome://flags/, now search for Enable Offline Cache Mode, you can use Ctrl+F to find it, once you find it just enable this feature and restart your browser to take it effect.

Now from onward your Google Chrome wont give Unable To Connect error, if you had visited that page earlier you will be served with cached copy of that page. Google Chrome saves HTML content, images, JavaScript and CSS Stylesheet, so you wont find much difference between your offline copy and online version, and yes contents which requires active internet connection like videos will be replaced with a placeholder image.


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