Web browser is one of the most important and basic thing if you need to browse internet on any device. But have you ever wondered to create a custom web browser for your company, your reader or for yourself ??

If you want then you could use MakeMyBrowser, its an free online service which lets you create your own web browser for free. This custom web browser is based on Chromium which means it will support all themes and extension of Chrome.

How To Create Custom Web Browser

To start creating, just head to the MakeMyBrowser page and click on big Start button, on next screen it will ask you to enter your Name and upload icon for your browser.


Now on next screen you can add your bookmarks to your web browser so that you or your users can easily navigate to web sites, you can add customized bookmarks or add homepage, it will also allows you to import bookmarks from your Chrome web browser.


Now on third and final step you need to select a theme which you like, there are lots of theme available from which you can select the best you like.


At last agree to terms and condition and click on Finish and Download button to download, once downloaded you can install it just like any other application, it do download some files from internet while installing so you need an active internet connection.

You can distribute this custom browser to your friends, or to your blog readers to drive traffic to your blog.

Create Your Own Web Browser


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