Traditionally when we share a webpage with any of our friend in email we use to put just URL and send it, the other person wont be able to identify what that web page has got unless he opens it.


If you want to share web pages in better way then use Clip Better which uses a better approach and instead of sending just a URL it also send a quick preview of that webpage.

This tool must be using Open Graph tags, to extract the information like page title, thumbnail, meta description and then puts all these information in a nice and clean manner which you can copy paste and email or even copy and paste in your word processor. You can send it as email through Gmail or any other email service which supports HTML mails.

At this time Clip Better is only available for Google Chrome Extension, as a Bookmarklet and as iPhone app. If your platform doesn’t support then you can email link(s) to and service will send you preview in rich text.


P.S. :- This tool ads its branding images and links at the bottom which you can easily delete them if you want.


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