Dropbox is a popular cloud service which lets you store your files on the cloud and then same can be sync across multiple devices. Traditionally either you can upload files to Dropbox via web interface or you can upload files from any of its app.

But what if you want to upload a web files like image, PDF or so on then you might download them first and then upload. If you are using Google Chrome then you can do it by just a click.

Download To Dropbox is a free Google Chrome Extension which adds a option to your chrome context menu from which you can upload files directly to your Dropbox account.

Once you download this extension to your Google Chrome then it adds a small icon just next to your address bar, click on it and configure your account details, you are done with account configuration you are ready to go.

Now browse web and once you find a image or PDF or even a movie link then right click on that link and select Upload to Dropbox. Within few minutes you will find your file on your account.


You can also track which file has been uploaded to your account and which is in progress by clicking on its icon placed next to your address bar.Upload_To_Dropbox_Chrome_Extension_Uploads

If you have any other favorite Google Chrome extension which you use daily then you can share it with us so that we can share it our readers.


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