Things are going on cloud and nowadays most of us prefer to store our important or mostly used documents over cloud so that we can access them from almost any part of the world. But there is big problem in this, if you want to open any file on your desktop app then you first need to download that file and then open it in your favorite desktop app.

Open Google Drive Files On Desktop App
Open Google Drive Files On Desktop App

If you are a Chrome user then there is a big relief for you, Google has released a new Chrome Extension which lets you open your files in your relevant desktop app directly from Google Drive interface. If you want to open a Google Drive file in your desktop app like Adobe Photoshop then just right click on file and select Open With and select your favorite app.

Once your file is opened, you can make changes on it and make sure you save your changes and then your file will be sync back to your Google Drive with all changes which you had made on it automatically, so there is no worries to upload file back again after making changes.

If you use Google Chrome then if is the most seamless process you can have as of now as you don’t need to download file and upload them back after making changes on it. If you want to give it a try then you can head over to Chrome Store and download This extension.


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